Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#Wipitup on November 5th

Greetings Wipsters and Wipians. Welcome to the November 5th signup post for #Wipitup Wednesday.
What's Wip it up? It's a blog hop designed to showcase what romance and erotica authors are currently working on. A great way to share what's in the works to your readers and fans.

Not sure what a blog hop is. Please see our 'How to participate page' for further instructions on how to play.
Don't worry, it's easy... and fun! A click here, a copy and paste there, and Poof! You're an official wipster. ☺

November is a busy month for many people and I would like to thank everyone who participates in keeping this weekly hop so much fun.
Ready to give it a try? Just click the little blue button below, but don't forget to copy the 'Get the code here script' and paste it into your HTML editor on your blog.
Thank you all in advance for joining #Wipitup this week. I can't wait to read all of your stories.

Oh and here's an announcement from annoying yellow inner-voice.
Hi folks, I wanted to tell you that it looks like at least 5 of you want to go forward with the Christmas give away. Melody has put me in charge of preparing some tweets and facebook posts for announcing the give away, if you see any of them out there floating around soon... please share them so we can get lots of people to participate. 
I'll be putting together a short 'how to participate in the Christmas give-a-way' and share that link here in coming weeks. Thanks everyone ☺
Update: Huston we have a Problem.
Due to the nature of all things 'CHANGE'. InlinkZ has changed the rules about how we link-up our blogs in support of this hop. 
"Get the Code" will no-longer work 'Unless' you have an Inlinkz account and be willing to sign-in (or be signed in) to get the code.
Why you ask? Apparently it has something to do with spammers getting and spreading our codes like a lit match to gasoline. 
That Really Sucks Melody! 
Yes... Yes it does. I have looked for other linkup tools and sites to No avail. Right now I cannot find a suitable alternative so until then the only way to "Get The Code" is for me to paste it below. 
It's not pretty, I know. But that's the best I have to offer right now. 

Here Is The Code: Please copy and paste to your HTML
 <!-- start InLinkz script -->

<script type="text/javascript">
document.write('<scr' + 'ipt type="text/javascript" src="//' + new Date().getTime() + '"><\/script>');

<!-- end InLinkz script -->

get the InLinkz code

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wip it good on October 29th

Greetings Wipsters, Wipians, and interested lurkers. If your wondering what #wipitup is, it's a blog hop. A weekly #meme for romance and erotica authors to share what they've been working so hard on.
Basically this hop/meme works the same way as most others. You sign-up with the link to the post you wish to share and then copy and paste the link-up code at the bottom (Use your HTML editor provided with your blog)
Poof! Your a Wipian.
Actually there are a few more rules and regulations but you can find those here on the 'How to Participate' page.

Ready to sign-up? No? Well, why not?
Wip It Up is a great place to give your fans a heads up about your upcoming books. It gives them something to look forward to. It's also a great way to get your blog shared to a kabillion new readers via social networking buttons.

Really Melody... A kabillion? Is that even a word? 

No- it's a number, annoying yellow inner-voice. A kabillion is the amount of people on Earth, times the amount of aliens on Mars, divided by pi. You need to go back to school and learn that new math they're offering these days annoying yellow inner-voice.

As always, I would like to thank last weeks participants for all your wonderful excerpts. Wip it up is my book soap opera day and I am so hooked on all of your wonderful stories. I seriously can't thank you all enough for making Wip it Up Wednesday what it is.

Hey Melody... What about that Christmas giveaway thingy you mentioned last week?

Oh yes! Two of you commented last week that it sounded like a fun idea. Thank you Joelle and Shelly. Is there anyone else who would like to offer something special to fans for Christmas?

Get The Code Here

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wip it good on October 22nd

Hi Everyone and welcome to #Wipitup Wednesdays sign-up post. A weekly blog hop/meme featuring erotic/romance authors who enjoy sharing their WIP's (Work in Progress). It's a great way for authors to share previews of their books to their readers and fans before they come out. 

Image having a loyal fan who is sad, mad or irritated because they just finished your last new release and want more. Give them more, something to look forward to and tell their friends about. See where this could go? Oh, and did I mention that most of the participating authors also share each others posts. You never know who your next fan will be or how they found you, but in today's world I'm betting on social media ;-)

The rules are easy.
Create a post with an excerpt--Length is up to you... long, short, or anywhere in between--from your up-coming novel (or new release) and sign-up using the blue button below.
Go just a little lower and click the link that says "Get the code here..." Copy the code and past it at the very end of your blog using the HTML editor built into your blog.
See? Easy as eating pumpkin pie.
For a list of complete rules and instruction please see the very helpful and informative 'How to participate' page at the top-- or just click the pretty orange link.

For those of you who have already entered the mother-ship a time or two thank you so much for coming back, I'm looking forward to your post.
I have a question for those of you who regularly enjoy this hop. Mid December I was thinking of doing a small give-away for Christmas. It would only be for one week... and those wanting to participate would have to offer their own prizes on your own blogs. A book, gift card to amazon, keychains... anything you feel like offering to one of your readers/fans. The give-away would start Dec. 17-22. On the 22 you would post your winners. One the 24th All winners from all blogs will be posted along with the sign-up for the 24th.
Give a ya or a na in the comments section if you think you might like to do something like this. I'm just trying to see who may be interested at this point.

Get The Code Here...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#Wipitup on October 15th

Hi Wipsters and Wipians. Are you buried in leaves, yet? Get your pumpkin shopping done? Have your yards all decked out and your cupboards stocked with candies of every spooky sort?
I'm buried in leaves and ate most of the candy already. Just the chocolate ones. That's okay, right?

No Melody it's not. That candy was for the kids.

Umm... yellow inner-voice, I live way, way out in the country. We haven't had a tricker-treater here in 13 years.

It could happen Melody... just saying!

Yeah, well, we'll just see about that. Until then, here's the sign-up post for October 15th's #Wipitup blog hop. #Meme.

Special thanks to the top contributors of Wip it Up and for those of you who have contributed every single week since this hop started.
Joelle Casteel and Shelly Douglas- five gold stars for not missing a single week since July.
Christina Mandra- Who has hooked us all on her pony stories.
Sheri Savill- For her witty snarkasims, great blog posts and  being the shariest sharer.

If this is your first time here and you have no idea what a blog hop is please see the 'How to Participate' page.  If you know what a blog hop is and your contemplating on why you should join the hop this week.
1. It's FUN!
2. You can meet new authors and attract new readers to your blog.
3. It's FUN!
3. Your blog post will likely be shared on one or more of the social networking sites. 
4. It's FUN!
5. Melody needs her Hump-day fix of erotic romance stories. 

Ready to join? Blue link button... and then grab the 'Get the code here' code to display the link-up at the bottom of your blog-post. (Use HTML editor for this)

Get the code here...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#Wipitup for October 8th

Greetings and welcome to the October 8th edition of #Wipitup Wednesday. This is a blog hop for romance and erotic authors to share what they're working on or have recently published. Want to know more? See How To Participate.

I'd like to thank each and every one of you who have been participating with a special thanks to Miss Sheri Savill for promoting this neat little hump day hop with her wonderful sharing techniques.  Thank you Sheri ☺

So wow, the second week of October already! This year has been like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.
I was looking for some cute and funny Halloweeny stuff to share with you here and I ended up being sidetracked by this.
Okay, onward with the sign-up and don't forget to grab the code at the very bottom of his post.

Get the Code Here