Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#Wipitup for Wednesday Sept. 3rd.

Hi Folks and welcome to this weeks #wipitup posty post. It was so nice to see some new participants on the signed-up for last week as well as those of  you who have sign-up every week since Wip started. Big Thanks to all of you for your support and participation. 

Just a quick note to those who are visiting for the first time. Signing up is easy-peasy. In fact, it's so simple a cave man can do it. Okay, not really, the cave man failed to 'Get the Code
But really, it's as easy and putting the Permalink to your Wip post in the URL box and Bam! Your on Wip it Up for that week. 
Step two: Click on Get the code when you have finished writing your blog post. Copy the script you see there and past it into the very bottom line of your (HTML part of your blog editor) For blogger it's right next to the word compose ☺that way when people go to your blog they can hop along to the other participants. If you struggle with it though, I'll understand and would ask that you leave a link at the bottom of your post back to this page. ( If your still confused you can see the 'How to participate' page located both here and at the top of this page.

Hey Melody... What's that little black box next to my name on the link-up after I've signed up? 
The black box next to your name is so that-- if you change your mind-- you can delete your link and you will be removed from the link-up list. 

Thanks for stopping by everyone, I look forward to not only reading all of your posts, but also sharing them to twitter and other social sites, encouraging you to do the same so that all the post gets circulated far and wide.
Have a great day and thanks for your interest in Wip It Up. ☺

Get The Code here

Thursday, August 21, 2014

#wipitup on August 27

Greetings Wipsters! As always I would like to thank all of your for such a wonderful turnout last week. For those of you who participated for the first time, Thank you, I love seeing and meeting new authors. 
So here we are, the last week of August. Wow, where did the summer go? I want a re-do! 

I'd like to thank all of you for using the graphics and the #wipitup hashtag in your posts and tweets. 

But Melody... I'm having trouble understand what a permalink is. Can you explain it better and why we should use them? 
Sure... Permalinks are the permanent URLs that take readers to a specific blog post. Let me show you an example using this blog. 

Non-Permalink =

Permalink for this post=

You'll notice the links are similar in the beginning, but the bottom link has
 the title of the post included. 
There are a couple of different ways  to find your permalink. If you use blogger, take a look at the right side of your Editor while creating your post. You'll see an option called "Permalink" . Click that and it will show you what your permalink is. (You must give your post a title before doing this) 
The other way  is to complete your post and publish it. View your blog post and copy the URL from the address bar. This is your permalink. 
Please note. You can still schedule your post in advance but to get the permalink you must publish the post even though it will not go live until the time you have scheduled it for. 
Your permalink is what you will put in the URL box during sign-up. 
If you do not use a permalink, people will still see your posts, but they might not see the post you intended on them seeing. For example: Let's say someone lands on this page and goes back one of the posts for July. They see your name and click your link. Only your link doesn't take them to the Wip post for that week. Instead they only see the last post you blogged about how to make thin mint cookies. 
"What? I came here to read a spicy romantic excerpt. What is this post about thin mint cookies doing here?" 
Now, although some will see your archive and seek out the post they came to find, most will not. If what they're looking for isn't right there for them to see they will just trollop off to somewhere else. Don't let them trollop off ;-) 

Ready to sign-up? Don't forget to 'Get the Code' (Must be pasted after the last line of code in you HTML editor)  so that you can share all of the other participants at the bottom of your post. 
Have a wonderfully wicked week ☺ 

Get The Code... click here, click here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wip It Up on August 20th

Hello wipsters and welcome to the August 20th sign-up for #wipitup. 

Since having started Wip It Up Wednesday, I have met authors, new and known. It's what I enjoy most about this hop. I'd like to give a big thanks to those of you who join this hop every week. As a busy author with too many things I'd like to do and never enough time to do them, your blogs are something I relish in on Wednesdays because finding time to read all the books on my TRB (to be read) list is proving impossible. 
But here, thanks to you, the wonderful participants, I get little tidbits of your stories that I can follow along with each week. It's something I really look forward to.
Is this your first time landing on this page? Not sure what a blog hop is or how you too can participate? See the 'How to' page. It's really very simple. Write your post, add your link, copy n paste the code (Must use your HTML editor on your blog to paste the code... at the bottom of your post) and automagically you're on this weeks hop.

 But Melody... I need to know more about this code thingy. Does it change from week to week? 
Yes! The code is what shows the list participants for 'just this week'. The reason for this is because the participants change each week and I have to create a new Inlinkz link-up for each new week. 

Now it's my turn to ask a question. Last week someone told me that the 'Get The Code here' link at the bottom of the page (where it always is) was pink. 
I was like 'huh? it's supposed to be green... green I tell you!' 
'Um no, Mel, I'm telling you the link is pink... pink like cotton candy pink.' 
So my question is... What color are the links showing up as for you when you visit this page?    

Get The Code here... right here this green link, click it. It's the code

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wip it Up on August 13th

WOW! The weeks are just flying by this summer aren't they?
Once again thank you's are in order to those who made last weeks WIP so damn hot ☺!
For me this hop is like one of those appetizer baskets you get in restaurants, only with words. Delicious and delectable words! That I hope you all share more of -often- because Melody doesn't get a lot of time to read all her favorite authors like she used to and this hop with all the hot excerpts helps her get through the week. 

Here's the sign-up for August 13th. 
First time joining a blog hop? See the 'How to participate' page at the top of this blog. Don't worry, it's really very easy. You add a link to your post, type a name and then click on 'Get The Code'. Copy and paste the Code into the HTML editor at the bottom of your post, and 'poof' you're part of the hop.

Seasoned hoppers, you know what to do. 

"But Melody... I pasted that code thingy, just like you said. When I preview my blog I don't see the link up." 
If you are using blogger and do not see the linkup list when you preview your blog before publishing... This is normal. Yes, perfectly fine in fact.You will see the link-up list when your blog goes live. 

Get The Code here