Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wip It Up on August 5th

I'd like to thank each of you wonderful authors who participated in Wip It Up last week. I love Hump Day...err I mean Wednesdays. You are all such wonderful authors and I can only hope Wip will continue to grow so I can find even more tasty and tempting treats each week. 

If you are new to blog hops please see the 'How to participate' page. It's easy peasy... promise! 

For those of you who are returning the signup is open...ready... and waiting just for you. 

"But Melody... What if I sign up now and decided I can't participate because my grandmother has a toothache and I have to spend all day Wednesday helping her with housework?" 

Not to worry. If you signup early and realized you can't participate you can come right back to this page and remove your link. It shows up right next to your name on the linkup as a little black box. This is also useful for those of you who wish to come back and change the name of your link in case you didn't have the permalink when you first signed up. 

Well, what are you waiting for... don't be shy, click the blue signup button. And don't forget... when you do write your post... come back and get the linkup script that is always provided to you with the green "Get The Code" link. Paste this code at the very bottom of your post using your HTML portion of your blogs editor so that all the participants are shared. 
Thank you all for your interest and participation in Wip It Up.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wip It Up on July 30th

WIP SignUp for July 30th

Hey, hey, hey... It's Wip it up Wednesday! 
Last week we had 12 participants and I cannot thank each of you enough for your participation. I met, well... found a hot new author and a couple of last weeks excerpts really blew me away with some hot and very creative knife play. My goal last week was at least 10 participants and I'd like to thank each of your for helping me exceed that goal. *Pulls a party popper in celebration* Oh look it had candy inside. Errr... wait that's confetti. 

Anyway! The new signup is open... willing... ready... and waiting for any and all who have something erotic or romantic to share with the world. Yes, I said the world, because each week I share each and every excerpt to people all over the world who can't get enough of you sexy, hard working authors who provide such rich and tantalizing content for their enjoyment. 
So what are you waiting for. SignUp already!

"But Melody... I don't have my post ready. It's to early to sign up!"

To early? Nonsense I say. Signup anyway. If your link changes between now and then you can come back here... delete your link and add the new one. Go on, give it a try. 

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wip It Up for July 23rd

I'd like to thank each of you wonderful authors for your participation in Wip It Up last week. I read all your excerpts and loved them all.
For those of you who missed the bus, hop on board for  July 23 and share what's been going on in your sexy, savvy minds.
As always, sharing the graphics on your blogpost is much appreciated, but not required. Leaving a link back to this blog and or including the "code" of fellow participants IS required. After all, it is all about sharing, right? Don't understand how add the code? See 'How to Participate' at the top of this page. But really, it's easy peasy to add the code. Just click on HTML in your blogs editor when you make your WIP post and add the code from the link to the very bottom of your post. Easy!

I've set a goal for this weeks hop to get a minimum of 10 awesome authors to participate in Wip It Up. However, I need your help to spread the word.So if your here right now, which  you obviously are. Please click one or two or all of the share buttons below to help others become aware of Wip It Up. Even if you don't participate, your shares are always very much appreciated.

Update: Many of you have asked about including your published works and because so many have asked I can hardly refuse. So starting this week you can now share a WIP or something from your published content. However it must be in the romance or erotica genre. 
I hope this encourages more of you to sign up and make #Wip-Wednesday a part of your weekly blogging experience. 

Thank you all for your interest! 
Blog hops are a wonderful way to share and be shared. Sign ups are now open. Hope to see you there ヅ

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wip It Up Wednesday for July 16 2014

Horray! The sign-up for next week is now open for all you awesome authors of romance and erotica. 

A big 'Thank You' to all the wonderful and sexy authors who participated last week. I hope that each of  you come back again and again to help make the hop a big success.

A small reminder: Although, it is not mandatory to share any of the Wip It Up logo's you see above, it is much appreciated in order to help spread the word. 
It IS mandatory that you at least share the link up at the bottom of your post so that others can find their way to the hop and enjoy all of the other participants. 
If you need more info about how this hop works please see the 'How to participate' page at the top. 

For those of you who shared both the logo and the link up. Thank you very much. If any of you have idea's for better logo's or have an idea for an eye catcher for Wip It Up I am always open to suggestions. 
This hop is intended not just for my insatiable need for a Wednesday blog-hop, but for all of you as well. Together we can make it a success for all
 ヅ . Happy blogging folks, sign-up below and don't forget to 'Get the code'

Small update here: It appears that the free use of Inlinkz no longer allows me to provide a linkup that gives you amazing people the option of a thumbnail display. It has reverted to the most generic of sign-up forms, which for some might actually be easier to use. 
What's that mean? 
It means that only a text link will show up in the list of participants instead of the thumbnail pic like last week. Sorry guys, I didn't know! 

One thing to keep in mind when signing up. Use a permalink. That's the link that will take readers to your Wip It Up post and not your home page. 
For those who sign-up and schedule their posts in advance please be aware the link you put in the URL box is the link people see when they click your name. Please at least create a name for your post when scheduling so that you have a permalink to add here. 
Thank you All. 

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